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  • Holly Corcoran To Represent The USA Equestrian Endurance Team In The World Championships In Italy
  • California Community Voices: Keep motorized bikes off equestrian trails
  • 200 Signed Up for Tevis
  • UAE Breach of Foreign Rider Rules ‘Knowing and Deliberate’: CAS
  • Pisa Becomes Global with the Longines FEI Endurance World Championship 2021
  • Winning the Big Horn 100 & Overcoming All
  • Wisconsin: Local horse enthusiast looks to take on 2021 Mongol Derby
  • Meet My Endurance Horse: RGS Just Believe
  • Meet My Endurance Horses: Poete and Poetrie
  • US Equestrian Announces New U.S. Endurance FEI Calendar Policies & Procedures

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    Holly Corcoran To Represent The USA Equestrian Endurance Team In The World Championships In Italy

    WNEP.com - Article & Video

    She will ride her 2007 Arabian gelding Poete along with her 5 member team this May in Italy

    Author: Steve Lloyd
    Published: 7:36 PM EDT May 11, 2021

    MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — Holly Corcoran is a 1988 East Stroudsburg University graduate and lives in Monroe County with her 5 Arabian horses. Back in 2003 she got involved in the sport of equestrian endurance riding. Over the last few months she has been training her 2007 Arabian gelding Poete down in Florida for this month's Endurance World Championship in Pisa, Italy. She is part of the five member USA team making the trip to compete in this international event.

    "There is a lot of strategy involved in endurance to begin with just so you know. Like I said coming into the holds you want to strip down as fast as possible like NASCAR. So you maintain efficiency in the ride and try to make every moment count so that the horse has to do the least amount of work over the terrain," said Holly...

    Read more and see video here:

    California Community Voices: Keep motorized bikes off equestrian trails

    Bakersfield.com - Full Article

    By MARION VARGAS May 11, 2021

    Over the last 50 years, I have boarded horses and ridden Bakersfield's equestrian trails along the scenic Kern River. I sometimes think of it as exercising my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    I enjoy being in nature, on my horse, observing the native plants, and being thrilled by numerous sightings of wildlife. Riding solo or in the company of others, you can tell if you are the first to break trail in the morning when you ride through a spider web that has been spun from tree to tree across a trail.

    Local horse trails were established long ago. They are part of the rich history of our community. With the development of the Specific Trails Plan, part of the city and county General Plans, the right of trails was affirmed and delineated. The designated horse trails, primarily on dirt, are mostly separated from paved bike trails and motorized traffic is not allowed.

    Safety was a consideration. Horses are large and powerful, but they are prey animals and naturally will react with great force to escape perceived danger, especially a sudden and unfamiliar one such as an unexpected e-bike rapidly traveling along the horse trail. These motorized bikes can cause horses to spook, rear, buck or bolt, throwing the rider to the ground, causing serious injuries...

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    200 Signed Up for Tevis


    Two Hundred Signed Up!

    If you haven’t sent your entry in already, time is of the essence. See the rider list HERE.

    President's Message

    Well, folks. It’s looking more and more like we are going to have a ride, or as Wendell would say, “Ride, really ride!

    As Covid cases decline and more of us are vaccinated, the parks and trails are beginning to open up and, the likelihood of a ride becomes a real possibility.

    There will be some challenges. One of the major ones is the very small area we have for the Robinson Flat vet check and one-hour hold. The Forest Service, having had an entire year where the campground was vacant, decided to log it during the ride. Most of the traditional area we use will be unavailable. We will only have the log deck on the left as you reach the road’s intersection with Soda Springs Road to use for vetting. We will need to limit crewing and have a streamlined traffic plan. We may limit crews to one or two per rider and have crews carpool to reduce congestion. Crewing will probably be done back in the trees across from the log deck and up Soda Springs Road for a hundred yards. Needless to say, it will be a real test of ingenuity and making do. Stay tuned for further information.

    It’s been a dry year and we hope to make up for it by having plenty of water on the trail. We now have two large water trailers, and they will service Michigan Bluff and Foresthill. We should have our new well in place at Chickenhawk, and have an abundance of water to cool the horses there.

    Having missed the ride last year, we are all looking forward to reestablishing Tevis as the ultimate experience in endurance riding.

    Happy Trails and Be Safe!

    Jeff Herten

    UAE Breach of Foreign Rider Rules ‘Knowing and Deliberate’: CAS

    HorseSport.com - Full Article

    CAS partially dismisses appeal against suspension, leaving race promoters to pay the FEI over $1m in fines and organisers’ dues.

    By: Pippa Cuckson | May 10, 2021

    The United Arab Emirates committed a “severe” violation of FEI rules by running two premier endurance races as national events last winter, in a “knowing and deliberate” response to the robust new FEI endurance rules.

    The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed an appeal against last fall’s suspension of the UAE federation by the FEI. The appeal was lodged jointly by the UAE federation and the organisers of the two races, Dubai Equestrian Club (DEC) and the Emirates International Endurance Village (EIEV) in Abu Dhabi.

    While CAS reduced some of the sanctions, this still leaves ride organisers having to pay the FEI a total of CHF 887,448 (CAN $ 1,194613) in fines and organising dues.

    CAS’s operative decision was announced earlier this year but its full reasoning has only recently been published.

    Last September the FEI Board suspended the UAE following an investigation into the 160km Sheikh Mohammed Cup at DEC in January 2020 and 160km President’s Cup at EIEV in February 2020. These races should have been have been staged (as previously) as International Endurance Events (CEIs) because the foreign riders far exceeded the quota permitted CENs are limited to four National Federations (NFs) and/or no more than 15 foreign athletes aside from “athletes living outside their country of nationality.” Investigators Bird & Bird LLP found that 93 foreign riders from 24 different countries participated in the Sheikh Mohammed Cup and 88 from 21 in the 2020 President’s Cup...

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    Pisa Becomes Global with the Longines FEI Endurance World Championship 2021

    EWC2021.com - Full Article

    8 May 2021 – Two weeks before the start of the Longines FEI Endurance World Championship 2021, planned for May 22nd at San Rossore in Pisa, the chefs d’équipe of the Federations of the countries competing made official the names of the horses and riders (56% men and 44% women) who will compete over the 160 kilometres of the course created inside the San Rossore Estate. Representing all 5 continents, there will be 32 countries of which 13 also competing for the team titles, ready at the start at 7am on Pisa’s racecourse.


    The definitive entries sent by the various National Federations have confirmed the top level of competitors taking part in the Longines FEI Endurance World Championship 2021. Most attention will be concentrated on the current world champion, Spain’s Jaume Punti Dachs, riding to defend the title he won in 2016 in Samorin (Slovakia). He will be challenged by the best riders in the world, first among them his wife Maria Alvarez Ponton, World Champion in 2008 in Terengganu (Malesia) and in 2010 in Lexington (United States). Spain’s Alex Luque Moral and Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa (Bahrain), respectively Silver and Bronze medallists at the 2016 World Championships in Samorin are also hot favourites.


    Pisa and Tuscany are preparing to welcome delegations from Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Oman, Portugal, REF, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Uruguay...

    More at:

    Winning the Big Horn 100 & Overcoming All

    HorseIllustrated.com - Full Article

    Suzanne Hayes’ extraordinary Big Horn 100 endurance ride victory came in the face of numerous challenges.

    By Merri Melde
    May 9, 2021031

    Not many people would consider climbing aboard a horse soon after breaking ribs. But not everybody is Suzanne Hayes, who won the Big Horn 100 endurance ride just six weeks after a fall that resulted in 10 broken ribs (some in multiple places), two fractured vertebrae, a punctured lung and a lacerated liver, and that led to her spending five days in the ICU and 10 more days in the hospital.

    In fact, the 67-year-old Arlee, Mont., native was already discussing the possibility of riding the Big Horn—one of the toughest 100-mile endurance rides in the country—with her trauma doctors in the emergency room when they ticked off all the damage.

    “I told them, ‘Well, I’ve got a really big 100-mile ride in six weeks,’” Hayes recalls. “‘I’m hoping that we can still plan on that.’ They looked at me like, ‘You gotta be kidding me...’”

    Read more here:

    Wisconsin: Local horse enthusiast looks to take on 2021 Mongol Derby

    HNGNews.com - Full Article

    By Peter Lindblad plindblad@hngnews.com
    May 7, 2021

    Across mountainous, desert terrain, Chloe Dvorak will ride from sun up to sundown on horseback for seven to 10 days straight.

    It’ll be scorching hot during the day and freezing at night, when she’ll sleep on a cot in a yurt, or gers as they are called in Mongolia, with a native family if she’s lucky. Otherwise, the hard ground will be her bed.

    Every day of the punishing Mongol Derby will push the Poynette resident and 2011 Lodi High School graduate to the limit.

    “I’m going to be really happy to take a shower at the end,” said Dvorak, with a laugh.

    Grueling challenge

    Chosen as one of 30 out of 700 candidates to compete in the 1,000-kilometer race, Dvorak is up for the challenge. Just getting through the race in one piece would be a monumental achievement...

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    Meet My Endurance Horse: RGS Just Believe

    RGS Just Believe is 1 of 5 USA team Endurance horses headed to San Rossore, Italy, for the May 22 Longines FEI Endurance World Championship

    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net

    RGS Just Believe, aka “Rose”
    13-year-old Arabian mare
    By Justify X Beaukay Bey, by NV Beau Bey
    Owned by Jessica DiCamillo Torres

    RGS Just Believe became part of Jessica Torres’ herd when she decided to help out a friend in Southern New Mexico that needed to re-home her.
 “When I saw her for the first time I knew she’d be great in the sport of Endurance with those long legs and great attitude to impress,” Jessica says. “She’s always willing to give all she can and  present herself with the WOW factor.”

    The mare was broke when Jessica got her near the end of 2015, and came with a dressage background, so Jessica took to retraining her and focusing on Endurance. 

    One thing the DiCamillos do with all their Endurance horses is work cattle with them on their ranch. Rose wasn’t impressed with the cows at first, but she soon got over that. “She was like, ‘Oh, ok. You want me to race over here and get that thing? All right!”

    Read the rest here

    Meet My Endurance Horses: Poete and Poetrie

    Poete and Poetrie are 2 of 5 USA team Endurance horses owned by Holly Corcoran and headed to San Rossore, Italy, for the May 22 Longines FEI Endurance World Championship. Poete will be ridden by Holly; Poetrie will be ridden by Hanna Weightman.

    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net

    14-year-old Arabian gelding
    By Bandjo de Falgas X Poetikka, by Statistic
    Bred by Asgard Arabians

    24 of 28 AERC starts, 1855 miles in 9 seasons
    8 of 9 AERC 100s

    10-year-old Arabian mare
    By Syndicat X Poetikka, by Statistic
    Bred by Asgard Arabians

    22 of 25 AERC starts, 1200 miles in 4 seasons
    4 of 5 AERC 100s

    Both owned by Holly Corcoran

    Holly tells the story of how she got Poete and Poetrie.

    “Both Poete and Poetrie were bred by the Sayvetz family at Asgard Arabians in West Virginia. They are purebred Arabians and are both out of the Statistic daughter Poetikka.

    “I took on Poete at 4 years old as a training prospect in cooperation with Asgard but as I started work with him, I just fell in love with him as a horse, not to mention his amazing, awesome athletic ability. So instead of working with Asgard to sell him, I acquired him.

    “I always knew he had great potential and he is just so fun (and sometimes difficult) to ride and he has proven me right.

    “Knowing how much I loved Poete and admired his abilities, when his ¾ sister was available, I purchased Poetrie as a 4-year-old. Initially she was really tough and quite reactive, but given time and training, she has turned out to be an awesome horse.
“Poete and Poetrie are both athletic and capable. They can both be quite strong willed, and I find it best not to argue with them but to re-direct.

    Read the rest here

    US Equestrian Announces New U.S. Endurance FEI Calendar Policies & Procedures


    by US Equestrian Communications Department | May 7, 2021, 9:00 AM EST

    Lexington, Ky. - On September 29, 2020, the USEF Board of Directors approved the FEI Calendar Policies and Procedures for FEI Endurance competitions within the United States. These policies and procedures will go into effect starting with the 2022 competition calendar.

    The aim of these policies and procedures is to produce the most effective U.S. endurance calendar. It is important to note at the outset, that these policies and procedures do not replace the USEF licensing and/or mileage rules.

    The policies and procedures document outlines the process by which organizers will need to submit their applications and go through an open review period prior to consideration by the USEF Committees and then potential submission to the FEI.

    Applications for events wishing to be submitted to the FEI by October 1 for the following calendar year must be submitted to USEF no later than June 1. Any application received after the June 1 deadline has no guarantee of being submitted to the FEI for the applicable October 1 deadline.

    The June 1 deadline allows for the addition of an open review period to the standard approval process. The procedure timeline is as follows:

    June 1: Deadline for submission of applications.

    June 15 – July 1: Open Review: Proposed calendars are circulated to all OCs that submitted an application. OCs may request modifications, cancellations, or comment on potential areas of concern during the Open Review.

    Beginning of August: USEF Endurance Sport Committee reviews calendar. If potential areas of concern are noted by the committee, USEF staff will work with OCs to resolve areas of concern and re-submit the calendar to the USEF Endurance Sport Committee prior to sending the calendar to the USEF International Disciplines Council (IDC) or an IDC Ad Hoc Calendar Group.

    September: IDC reviews calendars and makes recommendations to the USEF Board of Directors or an Ad Hoc Calendar Group approved by the USEF Board of Directors. The USEF Board of Directors approves calendars prior to the October 1 submission deadline to the FEI.

    To renew an existing competition, log into the licensee account here. Select “Competition Dashboard” then “Endurance Application to Host a 2022 USEF/FEI Competition” and select the competition(s) to renew (eligible competitions will populate on the next page).

    Online applications are only for renewals. First-time FEI events must be submitted on the paper application found here.

    The full Policies and Procedures can be found here.

    For questions, please contact Steven Morrissey, Project Director of High Performance Programs, at smorrissey@usef.org.